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Customised Walking Harnesses Harnesses Made in England

Posted: April 5th, 2017, 4:00 am
by thedogmother
My Walking Harnesses are made to the same standards as my Weight Pull Harnesses ideal for agitation work & or just general everyday use..
:: Any size from the smallest dog to the largest ::

:: Different sizes of webbing in 1" 1½" & 2" ::

:: Custom colours and padding ::

:: Custom embroidery ::

:: 100% Tailor made ::

Image ::Made in England!:: Image

Each item is individually tailored to your dog for maximum comfort and performance........

PM for more details or give us a call (01603) 486129 or +441403486129 if you live outside of the UK

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Here's some we made earlier............

"Winston looking sexy in his harness thank you Tina! It's amazing" - Lucy Youngs, British Isles

"Costum made for Mama's boy, only the best for my boy. Thank you so much dearest Tina Gay!! - Michelle Misse Christensen, Silkeborg, Denmark"

"Thanks again Tina Fits like a glove" - Mark Potelle, Sunderland, UK

"Everyone loves de harness :)" - Danny Mc, Ireland

"Storm" - Paul Duffy, Ireland

"Marcels new superman harness :grinning: :ok_hand: Thank you Tina Gay love it !!" - Terri Young, Co. Antrim Northern Ireland

"Harness suits her :ok_hand:" - Mike Crawley, United Kingdom

When measuring for a new harness you will need to follow this diagram:
Also if possible give me the height to the shoulder
If you are looking for a collar and or lead >>>click here<<<