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Competition day (20/05/2018)

Posted: May 22nd, 2018, 3:36 pm
by Bullseye
Fith competition of the 2018 Spring & Summer series, the weather was hot & humid.

Most weight pulled:

1st: Jill pulling 1602lbs :trophy:

2nd: Bullit pulling 1206lbs

3rd: Rubin (Novice) pulling 876lbs

Most times bodyweight:

1st: Jill 25.03 x bw :trophy:

2nd: Bullit 21.1 x bw

3rd: Rubin 17.8 x bw (Novice)

Total points accumulated so far:

Misty: 168 points :trophy:
Jill 62 points
Kai: 62 points
Bullit: 42 points
Rubin: 2 points
Octavia: 2 points

Photos to follow...

See you all next time for the final!