Frequently Asked Questions

An introduction to the forum! Contains links, help with posting photos and videos, etc..
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I think you're all great people! xx
I think you're all great people! xx
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Frequently Asked Questions

Post by Bullseye » August 20th, 2015, 11:24 am

Q: I have registered but it won't "let me" post anywhere other than the introduction section, what is the cause?

A: This is because you haven't yet posted an introduction, it is basic etiquette to introduce yourself when joining a community, didn't you learn manners as a child? :lolbonk:

Q: I can't send private messages, why is this?

A: Again this is a privilage of verified users, to get verified you will have to post an introduction.

Q: How do you post pictures?

A: This guide may be useful >>Go look<<

Q: I've seen youtube videos posted on here, how is that done?

A: Again another useful guide >>Go look<<

Q: I have forgot my password, how would I go about resetting it?

A: Well you should have picked an easy to remember password.. :)) only kidding, click here, enter your username & email address & hit the submit button, be sure to check your spam folder.

Q: Ok I have forgot my email address, username & password, what now?

A: Well there are two ways to resolve this, you can either fill out this form by >>Clicking Here<< or you can call or text 07944630964 +447944630964 (Outside of the UK) & I'll try my best to help you get back on here :hippie:

Q: I'm here because I want to look at the dog wear, collars ect, where can I see photos?

A: You will find infomation & photos of collars, leads & harnesses by clicking here.

Q: I am interested in the training & competition days for weight pulling, where would I get more info?

A: Announcements are posted one week prior to a training or competition day, we have 1 training day & 1 competition day every month, check in regularly to keep up to date, also there is a fixtures list here